Struggles Went Along With Me When I Left College

Life after college, is just the beginning and it scares the hell out of me. I used to tell myself that i will be travelling the world after being handed a diploma. I will be a successful, sophisticated and independent woman when I finally get a hold of my toga. I thought the congratulations would… Continue reading Struggles Went Along With Me When I Left College


Bad Moms (My Summary)

Amy was very busy taking care of her two kids, with her job and with being a good wife. She has always been late but she's trying her best. One night she caught her husband having an affair with someone online, so she sent him out. She struggled after that, but after a very long… Continue reading Bad Moms (My Summary)


The Lovers (My Summary)

The Lovers (2017) Married couple Mary and Michael were each having affairs. Mary is having an affair with Robert and Michael is having an affair with Lucy. Each of their lovers are demanding to break the marriage off and they assured each of them that they will break it off after their son's (Joel) visit.… Continue reading The Lovers (My Summary)


A Date for Mad Mary (My Summary)

Mary just got out of prison (she stayed there for 6 months) and came back days before her bestfriend Charlene's wedding day. She noticed that Charlene changed. She was also pressured to have a date since she felt left out. She searched for dates but nothing worked out. She ended up hooking up with Jess… Continue reading A Date for Mad Mary (My Summary)


UNindian (My Summary)

Mira recently moved to her new house in Australia, together with her daughter Smitha. She lives near her parents who check her out every once in a while. Her parents also set her up to men they think are rich and a good catch. When they were at at an event called Holi she encountered… Continue reading UNindian (My Summary)


It Was Never Easy for Me (Poem #11)

Was it easy telling me you love me and at the same time wanting to be free? Was it easy forcing yourself to forget her just to shut me up? Was it easy taking down your pride to remain by my side and then later on wonder what the fight would be like if you… Continue reading It Was Never Easy for Me (Poem #11)


Bad Hair Day (My Summary)

Monica was very ready for prom (dress, sandals and hairstyle). She created an online poll and everybody approves. She was so hopeful that she's gonna win until she woke up the next day with a bad hair day and her sandals and dress (mostly made of plastic) were melted. In the morning a cop knocked… Continue reading Bad Hair Day (My Summary)