Sorry Mom (Poem #2)

Mom, I lied when i said I was out with some friends I gained your trust after all these years I've been very careful not to break it if you ever ask about what i did all i could say is, he made me do it I was given enough love treated like a queen… Continue reading Sorry Mom (Poem #2)


The Things I Keep Telling Myself

After heartbreaks and rejections, most of us forget our worth. There are days when we wake up wondering what the hell did we wake up for. As for me most days consists of that question, wondering if i woke up just for the sake of acknowledgement, just for the sake of telling people that hey,… Continue reading The Things I Keep Telling Myself


What I Did For Years on the Internet

1. Roleplaying No, not video games. This is when you make an account and act as a certain character along with other roleplayers. I first did it on friendster, then on facebook. I remember roleplaying along a Pretty Little Liars Character and an original character behind the face of a model from polyvore. 2. Youtube… Continue reading What I Did For Years on the Internet


Cheating is NOT Okay but I Convinced Myself that it’s Tolerable

​Cheaters are trash who deserve nothing but karma. That was my initial thought when i found out I was being cheated on. I swore that I need to get even. There is a need for revenge. I need to hurt him the same way he hurt me. Before claiming that I am the perfect girlfriend,… Continue reading Cheating is NOT Okay but I Convinced Myself that it’s Tolerable


Top 5 Relationship Murderers

​Relationships will not be murdered if two people are fighting for it. However, isn't it annoying (and heartbreaking) to be provoked to end it? Based on my very minimal and messy relationship experience, these are the usual relationship murderers that may appear to be just a little bug, but could really end as a deadly… Continue reading Top 5 Relationship Murderers


My Ideal Break Up and How it Turned Out

I am not sure if constantly thinking of a break up while in a relationship is healthy, but thats what i did anyway. I have this break up scenario in my head. I call this as my ideal break up, where he does something wrong and i'd be left no other choice but to leave… Continue reading My Ideal Break Up and How it Turned Out


Lovely Side of a Cheater

I still believe he loved me with great intentions, he just messed up in the end. But before he messed up, before i decided that i am not going back, there are things he did that made me think that his dark soul has a bright side. Here's a list. 1. He never left during… Continue reading Lovely Side of a Cheater