short story

May This Dream Never Happen (Dream #2)

I had this dream on August 3, 2017 and I just couldn't start writing it because it still scares me. I probably had other dreams that night but this was the only dream i remember. I arrived on a seminar and there were already other people occupying the seats. I knew no one, and I… Continue reading May This Dream Never Happen (Dream #2)

short story

Creepy Kids (Dream #1)

I decided to keep a record of my dreams on this blog since I know that i'll forget 90% of those dreams eventually. Also, lately my dreams have become very exciting probably because I have been drinking. To anyone of you who thought of keeping a record of your dreams then I encourage you to… Continue reading Creepy Kids (Dream #1)

short story

A Father’s Tale

Mr. Willys lived alone in a house he thought would stay noisy forever. It was a house he invested on the first year of his married life. He was the usual happy married man, and he thought he had a great life, and even more blessed when two angels arrived. He worked hard for the… Continue reading A Father’s Tale