It was just a few hours before midnight when my Mom complained about how late my Stepfather is. Since there was a little family gathering and we were all in our living room, our relatives heard her complain. 

“He probably got another girl by now.” One of my Uncles joked. 

Instead of being hurt and angry, like I expected, my mother simply said, “Let him be. I do not care.”

It was not a statement out of anger, but it was out of undestanding and calmness in regards to the idea that my stepdad could be having an affair. 

The wife of one of my uncles raised her brow and reacted. “I can’t deal with that.” She said. 

My mother replied, “As long as he comes home to me then I am okay with that. Let him taste other girls behind my back, I will not freak out. Men are naturally filled with lust and we can’t blindfold them the whole time or ask women around him not to look appealing so he won’t be tempted. As long as I know deep down that I am still the best, as long as he assures me he still loves me, and as long as he’s trying to keep this family intact, then there is no need to choke him.”

I was apalled. Everyone in the room except for me are married, or have been married. My mother and my stepfather have been together for nearly 10 years and although I live with them, I can still say that I really have no clue about their relationship. Even when I am around they are still clingy and sweet with each other, I even thought that my mom is so lucky with him. Indeed, true love comes at random ages because they met each other when they were already in their 40s. After hearing what my mom said, I am no longer sure if I can still say that she’s lucky to have him or is it already the other way around.

I admire my mother’s positivity and her ability to stay calm. Having such mentality is probably her secret for being stressed free and for looking so young for her age. Truly, not all relationships are the same. Couples deal with issues and challenges differently – others break it off, others survive, others become stronger. 

Thank you for reading!