I decided to keep a record of my dreams on this blog since I know that i’ll forget 90% of those dreams eventually. Also, lately my dreams have become very exciting probably because I have been drinking. To anyone of you who thought of keeping a record of your dreams then I encourage you to do so and if possible, tag me because I really wanna read them. I am honestly curious what goes on everyone else’s mind when they can’t control what they think. 

Let’s start with my dream. I woke up 30 minutes ago and i think i still remember 75% of it. 

It started as me, being a witness of people who have been seeing kids. These kids are very skinny and very dark. I witnessed the people freaking out everytime they see this kid and when they tell other people about what they saw, the kids just disappear. The scene shifted, i was no longer a witness. I was with my two younger cousins who were absent from school because they wanted to be with the family, who are gathered on our unfinished house. We were obviously looking forward to the huge house we were building on top of a mountain. There were also other houses being built too.

We were seated on top of our unfinished house, sharing some snacks and observing the other houses, when my cousin told me she needed to pee. Along with my other cousin the 3 of us looked for a dark spot where we could hide. When we finally found one, me and my cousin started peeing and my other cousin stayed as a lookout. However, halfway through it i felt a weight on my back and in the back of my mind i was imagining the creepy kids i use to witness playing around humans. The more i think of it the more i was convinced that there were arms and legs on my back. When i looked at my cousin she was already staring at me, looking like she was about to cry. My other cousin looked like he saw nothing. When i looked at my back to check what was behind me i saw a skinny kid, in ponytail, and with green skin. I was so stunned and scared I ran with my cousin and eventually woke up thinking how creepy and silly my dream was. 

I had this dream on: August 5, 2017

Thanks for reading, i’d love to hear about your dreams!