Why do guys ask for nudes and why do girls, despite the risk, send them anyway?

Disclaimer: The following content does not apply to everyone. Everything i have written are based on my opinion, and with my experience as the only basis.

Nude photos can be googled 24/7 with millions of results all over the world but why do guys take their time asking a girl for one? 

Because being granted access to a girls private part is sexy, because receiving nudes makes them feel special, masculine and powerful. They want the challenge. Googling nude photos are only for those who can’t get a girl to like them enough to send one. Having a collection of nudes boosts their ego and may be a source of pride. 

So where do nudes get piled? 

For the good guys it stays in their inbox, for the very rare extra good and selfless guys, the nudes are deleted for safety purposes. However, for the guys who believes that nudes are trophies for their manhood, the nudes are passed around and sent to group chats.

Are girls aware of that risk? Why do these nudes keep on coming?

Most of the time girls know the risk, they just ease that risk with the thought (1) that the guy recieving the nudes is trustworthy, or (2) they are careful enough when they sent it. 

Nudes are sent in the midst of a surge of emotion, and it is quite pleasing for us girls (once again, not everyone!) to hear a guy that we like (or love) say that we were his reason for ejaculation πŸ˜† other reasons include love, intention to seduce, alcohol and hormones (girls are extra horny on days before the period starts).

Although exchanging nudes appears to be socially accepted this days, this should still be practiced in moderation. Nudes existed even on the days of our grandparents, it just so happened that there is no advanced technology in that time to make those nudes viral. Nudes could be fun, erotic, artistic and could be a form of appreciation for our bodies, or to express confidence, but it should be taken, sent and kept with the highest awareness of its risk.

(Also, this may be unnecessary but i just want to say that please don’t exchange nudes with someone else while you are in a relationship. That’s cheating.)

Happy sexting, and thank you for reading πŸ˜‚