Monica was very ready for prom (dress, sandals and hairstyle). She created an online poll and everybody approves. She was so hopeful that she’s gonna win until she woke up the next day with a bad hair day and her sandals and dress (mostly made of plastic) were melted. In the morning a cop knocked on her door looking for a jewelry she purchased a week ago for 13 dollars. With the help of the cop, Liz, and with the help of their deal, she had a ride to the salon she had an appoinment with. However since she was late her spot was given to someone else. It continued that way until she never had the chance in the salon. That day, she caught her boyfriend cheating. She also had to take her driving lessons which she eventually failed because she had to chase the jewelry thief. Liz’s car was towed, and the pouch where the jewelry is was interchanged. They resolved all that until they had the chance to meet with the jewelry thief, who held Monica’s father as hostage. She handed the jewelry so the thief would tell her where her father was. Before the thief could leave, Liz called for back up and police officers arrived. Liz managed to get her badge back with her mother so proud (the chief is her mother) and attended prom with Monica who won as prom queen. She wore the necklace that night but was escorted by policemen.

* (Told thru a flashback by Liz) The jewelry was lost in an exhibit where she was tasked to guard. It was stolen by a thief who later mistakenly handed it during a transaction. The jewelry was later bartered, donated and sold to a pawnshop where Monica brought it from.

Watched on: July 25, 2017

My Rating: 7/10