His Past Lover (Poem #10)

I have always hated his past

I once said,

“I am haunted by her ghost

could you please let her go?” 

I clenched my fist

afraid that he might say no

but instead he said,

“I already did a long time ago”

and I sighed with relief

Little did I know

that “ghost” was the wrong word

for she’s alive as she can be

someone absent 

yet remained a threat

I realized that my mistake

was not trusting him too much

but it was forgetting to ask

“who she was

who she is

who she will be”

and then those words

will make him say

“she was

she is

and will always be

a part of me”


I post new poems every Friday. Thank you for reading ❤
Check the list of poems here.


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