Mr. Willys lived alone in a house he thought would stay noisy forever. It was a house he invested on the first year of his married life. He was the usual happy married man, and he thought he had a great life, and even more blessed when two angels arrived. He worked hard for the family he built and dreamt of a future for his kids, but forgot to dream about a future for his self.

Later on as a father he realized that kids can’t be kids for the rest of their lives. As much as he wants to cradle them in his arms, there will come a point when he had to set them free, because they ought to run.

Later on his married life he realized that vows are just words a person meant for a moment, maybe for years, but not for a lifetime. He realized that a person could swear infront of a judge and a priest, but will still be capable of forgetting and taking for granted what she used to swear with all her heart. He realized that a person could love you whole heartedly for months, or even half a lifetime, but could still wake up one day drained from all the love she used to have.

Mr. Willy’s wife spent her remaining life on the arms of another man, leaving him behind their children. He swore they’d take care of them, and fill up the hole their mother left.

His children grew up to be a fine young woman, and a fine young man. They both grew up so fine, too fine, that Mr. Willy’s contemplated if he should regret raising them up too well. They have become so mature, and so independent. Although unintentionally, everyday they made him feel that he’s no longer needed.

His life revolved around the lives of his children, and when they found lives of their own, Mr. Willy’s could no longer find a purpose. He longed for the children he raised, he longed for the days he knows he could not go back to.

What makes a parent leave her children? That is a question he could not answer. For a greater understanding, he could ask his ex wife, but he’d rather not. He may be old but he has not gotten over the rage of being betrayed and replaced, for being left behind longing for what he thought was his alone.

What makes children leave their parents?
He could have a few answers without asking his children. Although he wanted to have more answers, he knows its a question his children do not deserve to be asked. So he thought that maybe, his daughter left him because he treated her too well. She grew up witnessing a great man, a gentleman and a loving father. He grew up witnessing the good side of a man that when he saw a bad guy with piercing, tattoos and a habit of spanking girls he just met, she was smitten. She was swept off by a man her father has always warned her about. Little did her father know that the more he talked about the kind of man she should avoid, the more drawn she has become. The more attracted she was to the kind of man she has not dealt with her entire life. With that, Mr. Willys blamed his self.

He also thought that his son left him because he pushed him too hard. He told his son stories of great men. A great man should treat the woman she loves with respect, and should protect her with all her might. One day his son found the woman he’d love forever, so he took her to a village he thinks she’ll be happy and safe — leaving the town he grew up in, leaving the man who helped him grow up.

He was left in a house with only crickets to sing him to sleep. What else is there to look forward to? The seeds he planted blossomed into flowers. Everything in the house that needs to be repainted are now beaming with colors. The furnitures that needed to be fixed are now as sturdy as new. He’s left with nothing else to do but to look forward for the next holiday, for his children to visit. He looks forward to that one holiday when his children will finally make it instead of “i have another meeting, the plane got cancelled, something came up” and every other phrases that ends him up eating alone a dinner he took the whole afternoon to prepare.

However every night he does not go to sleep with hatred and grudges. “I raised them well.” He would tell himself. “They’re probably living their dreams. I am glad I was able t teach them how to dream, I am glad I was able to help them reach it, although in the end i found out that they were dreaming a dream, which I am not included.”