We focused on the now and disregarded the what if. Maybe that’s what young love is all about. Enjoying the ride while it lasts and not bothering to think of what may happen when everything passes. 

We were so caught up with what we have now we forgot to think about what we could have next. It’s like we were walking in the middle of the dessert and drunk all the water we have on the very first step. It’s like we poured every love we have now, and disregarded the fact that we both emptied ourselves. 

When the time we ignored came, there was drought, there was chaos. We blamed each other, and ended up filling the emptiness we had with rage. We used to be just two individuals running around town, sprinkling love all over, like its all that matters. Now that we ran out of love to release and sparks to arouse, we ended up thinking that everything we ever did, never really mattered.

We burnt ourselves from the beautiful spark we started. Every now and then we point at each other, cursing and blaming, on who started the fire. We kicked around the ashes that served as memories, we brushed it off like it was infectious. We ended up forgetting how beautiful our flame was and only remembered the terrible heat. We only remembered being burned down, and forgot how beautifully we ignited.