He probably thought that girls would stick around for the rest of his life. He probably thought that he’s the only one capable of leaving, and when he leaves, she would just be waiting for him on the very same spot he left her. 

On another usual argument couples have, he yelled at her once again. He always do that, even though on the back of his mind he knew that she got a point and this time, he was wrong. 

He used his voice to scare her. She could yell at him until she’s tired but he yells too, and no matter how hard she yells his voice has always been louder. Once, in the middle of an argument, she ended up crying and sobbing in front of him because she could not tell him what she was fighting for. She could not defend herself because she could not even hear her own voice. 

He used her love to hold her captive. He knew for the past years how much this girl loved him. A hundred times she has proven her love. She closed her eyes for every mistake he made. She turned away for everything he does that could hurt her. For a long time she tried walking away, but she walked around in cirlcles just to realize that her path revolved around him. That made him manly, mighty, and difficult to leave behind.

Since arguments have become so frequent and she always end up saying sorry no matter whose fault was it, inch by inch she started losing hope. Day by day, she started missing the sunlight and wanted to get rid of the darkness caused by a toxic man, who’s clouding her view. 

For every argument they had she started to know better. She decided not to yell, she doesn’t want to raise her voice, she no longer wants to strain herself. Instead of fighting back she simply turned her back. He thought he won, he thought he was and will always be a mighty man a good girl is obsessed with. Little did he know that everytime she walks away she was slowly packing her bag. A set of clothes a day, not too sudden, not too soon. She packed her bags slow enough in case she could find kindness and love from him, as a reason for her to stay. But the clothes are all kept and there’s nothing left to pack, she still has not found a reason to stay another day. With the strength she gathered she walked out of the door and left the mighty man whose only might was the love she gave.