1. Roleplaying

No, not video games. This is when you make an account and act as a certain character along with other roleplayers. I first did it on friendster, then on facebook. I remember roleplaying along a Pretty Little Liars Character and an original character behind the face of a model from polyvore.

2. Youtube

Years ago, I tried editing a video once and uploaded it on youtube. Now i could no longer find it probably because it was so terrible. Other than that, i used youtube as a tool for me to learn a new language. I wanted to learn Korean at that time. I was so eager for the first 3 days but i stopped, and sadly didn’t learn at all until now.

3. Tumblr

I was obsessed with my tumblr blog! I’d find a theme and costumize it. I applied what i learned about html code from costumizing my friendster profile. I was in tumblr for years until I got busy with school and left it. I come back every once in a while but I’ve never been as active as before.

4. Social Media

Twitter – I didn’t get the hang of it at first because i felt awkward thinking that i am basically just talking to myself. At some point i got obsessed with it by expressing what i feel, now i have an account under a different name. It really makes me express more when i am an anon.

Facebook – I only used it to roleplay, now i keep a profile with no profile picture because I just couldn’t find the interest with being active there.

Instagram – This is where I post pictures of what’s happening in my life. I make sure I know everyone that’s following me so i can post freely.

5. Dropbox Drafts

I wrote chapter after chapter and only reached about 8 chapters until I am busy again and forgot all about it. When I finally found the time and the motivation to write again, I could no longer keep up with the story line. I saved these drafts on dropbox because I already had my  terrible lesson with saving them on hardwares.

As far as i could remember, those are everything i have been busy with before I stumbled upon wordpress. What have you all been doing on the internet?