Date i finished watching it: April 30, 2017 (Season 1, Episode 1 to 7)

It started with the disappearance of Will Byers, a friend of Mike, Dustin and Lucas. He was on his bike on the way home when he fell and was followed by a monster as he ran into his house. He was captured to another dimension and was assumed to be dead. When Will disappeared another kid appeared, her name is Eleven. She first approached a burger joint seller who reported her, and was later killed. She ended up at Mike’s house after they met in the woods as the boys looked for their friend Will. Will’s mother, Joyce Byers, does not believe that he’s dead and insists that Will is just hiding in their house. Will’s mother quit his job to track Will, but only got as far as communicating with Will through lightbulbs. One blink for yes, two blinks for no. She also was able to ask Will by having one letter per lightbulb. She asked where he was hiding, he answered “right here” and later spelled “RUN” . Will’s mother had great hopes that Will is alive although others perceived her as insane. Also, Will’s body has been found thrown in the water so everybody assumed that he was dead.
The chief of police, Chief Hopper, got suspicious and went to the morgue to check for himself and discovered that the body was fake, and its just filled with cotton. He talked to Joyce about it and discussed how they’re getting back Will. They had their own investigations and found out about eleven, whom her mother claimed stolen by some scientists because she knows telekinesis.
Nancy, the older sister of Mike, was also investigating because she lost her bestfriend and she believes its the same case with Will. Nancy investigated with Jonathan, Will’s older brother. Nancy was able to enter the other dimension, and luckily got out.
Mike, Lucas, Dustin and El were also investigating. They are finding ways to enter the other dimension because they heard Will singing on the radio and they believed he’s still alive, just hiding.
Jonathan was taken to the police for being involved in a fight with Nancy’s boyfriend. At the police station he met Chief Hopper and his mother, Joyce. They also ended up meeting Mike’s group when the scientist were chasing them to capture El. At night they found a way to communicate to the other dimension. By the use of a bathtab, El could enter it. On the other dimension, she saw that Nancy’s friend is dead and Will is alive but sick. Joyce Byers and Chief Hopper immediately decided to enter the other dimension.

Note: I am still gonna watch episode 8, so this will be updated 😊