Date i finished watching it: April 24, 2017 (Season 1, Episodes 1-10)

​There was a new student at Riverdale High, Veronica Lodge. Veronica Lodge and her family (mother Hermione Lodge, and father Hiram Lodge) used to be so rich until Hiram got caught and sent to prison. Veronica’s first friends were Betty Cooper and Archie. Betty always liked her bestfriend Archie and when she told him about what she felt, he said he doesnt look at her or love her that way. Also, Veronica and Archie were dared by Cheryl Blossom and they ended up kissing in a closet, and when they got out Betty was gone. After that incident they managed to be friends again, and even joined the cheerleading team lead by Cheryl Blossom. Cheryl Blossom is the twin of Jason Blossom, who was lost on the morning of July 4th, when  both of them were boating. She’s still grieving the loss of her twin but still manages to appear like a bitch when provoked. Along the way pieces of Jason Blossom’s disappearance are starting to be uncovered. Jason and Betty’s elder sister Polly were dating and were expecting a baby. Since the Blossoms and the Coopers could never get along, their parents were against their relationship. (The conflict between those families started since Betty Cooper’s grandfather was shot by Jason Blossom’s grandfather) Jason and Polly originally planned to escape and live faraway to start their new family but Polly’s parents found out about it. When she was about to sneak out, a woman and two man was waiting for her. She was sent to a center for troubled youth and her parents simply told everyone that she was sick. After Betty visited her (accompanied by Jughead who later on she dated) , Polly escaped and was hiding on their attic. Betty found her and made her live at Veronica’s house. They hosted a baby shower, and Betty’s mother finally accepted the baby. Since Betty’s father could not accept a child from the Blossom’s, he left the house, but it turns out Polly didn’t come home because she chose to live at the Blossoms. The Coopers were devastated but they were told later on that she was doing it to spy on them because she thinks they have something to do with Jason’s death.
other scenes:
* On July 4th, Archie and Ms. Grundy (music teacher) were on the riverside and heard a gunshot but didn’t tell anyone about it because they don’t want anyone to know that they are dating
* Betty, together with Veronica, stalked Ms. Grundy and found out that she’s using an alias. They broke into her car to find that out. She later confessed to Archie that she changed her name so that her former husband, who is a drunkard and is physically abusive, could not find her. Their affair was later on busted by Betty’s mother, after reading it from her diary. Ms. Grundy left the town.
* Jason’s body was found with a gunshot on his head
* Veronica’s mother and Jason’s father were having an affair but ended it after deciding that it’s for the better


I am very addicted to this series and also upset that i have to wait until the next episode and season. I will probably watch this again when this series is officially over.