This series is the latest hype. This also changed my preferences with the kind of series that i watch. I usually watch korean dramas preferably fantasy and suspense. 13 reasons why started my addiction with netflix series.

Each episode is about an hour, which means i spent 13 hours and i regret none of it! To anyone who has not watched this series, i encourage you to watch it. It’s actually very good despite the claims that it is depressing and it promotes suicide (contrary to what the series really promotes.) To anyone who can’t find the time to watch the series, then you can read my summary. (I do summaries of movies and series that i watched and the books that i read because i know i’d forget it sooner, so this does not serve as a spoiler.)

Date finished: April 21, 2017

Season 1, Episode 1-13

Since i am writing this very late because i got hooked with other tv series, the summary will not be specific unlike most of my summaries.


It starts with Clay Jensen finding 7 tapes from Hannah Baker, the girl who committed suicide. She made the tapes and made sure it reached the people who did her wrong and contributed to the reason of her suicide.

The tapes are for:

1. Justin Foley, whom she sort of dated. They kissed on the playground, and Justin took a picture of her, his friend (Brys) sent it to everyone and rumors spread about her.

2. Jessica Davis – her very close friend whom she argued with. There were three of them, including Alex, who later Jessica dated. Their last encounter was in the cafe where Jess slapped Hannah, accusing her of fooling around with her boyfriend, Alex

3. Alex Standall – He was just pissed because Jessica won’t have sex with him. To make her jealous, he wrote Hannah’s name as “best ass” . It was the list that made Jess slap Hannah. It got to the point where other students kept checking her ass out, including Brys who even touched it.

4. Tyler Down – He kept stalking Hannah and it became very creepy. He was doing it for the yearbook but it came to the point of taking photos of Hannah in her room. He once asked Hannah to hangout with him but she turned him down. He also sent the photos of Hannah and Courtney, but no one recognized its them, although some got suspicious along the way.

5. Courtney Crimsen – Hannah felt like someone’s stalking her, someone was always taking photographs. She told Courtney about it and she volunteered to stay over to catch the stalker. They drank in Hannah’s room as they waited for the stalker. As they waited, they took off their bras and kissed, and the stalker took a photo of it. The stalker turned out to be Tyler. When the photo was released and someone got suspicious, she cleared her name and spread terrible rumors about Hannah instead.

6. Marcus Cooley – Hannah thought he was a nice guy. He asked her out for Valentine’s day since he got her on the list. Hannah waited for an hour for him to arrive, and when he arrived he was with his friends. After a while he sat beside Hannah and started touching her thighs. Hannah got angry and Marcus told her, “I thought you were easy.”

7. Zach Dempsey – He was with Marcus on Valentine’s day and he tried comforting her after what Marcus did. He asked Hannah out and when she turned him down in an embarassing way, he got mad and started having little revenge on her.

8. Ryan Shaver – they were in a poetry club together and he published Hannah’s poem without her permission. The poem starts with “today i am wearing a lacy black underwear” and she was bullied again for that.

9.  Justin Foley – he got 2 tapes. The second one is for allowing his friend, Bryce to rape his girlfriend Jessica, during the party. She was hiding in the same room when the incident happened.

10. Sherry – During Jessica’s party, Sherry took Hannah home but they bumped into the stop sign at the intersection. Hannah insisted on calling 911, Sherry insisted not to and left Hannah on the road. It caused an accident where Jeff died.

11. Clay Jensen – He was different and he never bullied Hannah. He liked Hannah (even loved her). During Jessica’s party they were hanging out and ended on Jessica’s room, kissing and taking off clothes, but Hannah made him stop. She was probably traumatized by what the previous guys did. She yelled at him to go away, and she just felt like Clay hated her for doing that. (Maybe Clay is not one of the reasons, he just have to be on the tapes so Hannah could explain.)

12. Bryce – Hannah narrated how she ended up being raped by Bryce. She was having a walk to clear her thoughts (after losing the money her parents asked her to deposit) when she saw a party at Bryce’s place. When the other people left, Bryce raped her. (I assume the tapes never reached Bryce because he never knew about it, not until Justin told him.)

13. Mr. Porter, the councilor – he’s the last one on the list because Hannah talked to him, asked for advice. She was looking for signs, but couldn’t find any. She even told him about how Brys raped her, and he didn’t help and protect her at all.

Hannah died by cutting both of her wrists while she was on a bathtab. It was her mother who saw her, but it was too late. On the last episode Tony handed Hannah’s parents a flash drive containing a copy of the tapes. Tony is Clay’s friend who allowed Hannah to borrow the recorder. Hannah also gave him the copy of the tapes just to make sure.

The ending in the tv series suggests a season 2 because Tyler recently purchased a gun there was a hint that a teenage boy was shot in the head.