Another one flew abroad, another is getting married and another one got a stable job. As much as social media turned us into trendy and brave individuals, it continuously gave us a view of a much greener pasture. Everyone else’s lives are a hundred times better than yours. You finally went out of town, but everyone else flew out of the country. You finally got your degree, but everyone did it with flying colors and a much better story. “I finally did this and finally did that.” A huge accomplishment, but people will point out that 7 kilometers away, someone else did it better.

We see what they want us to see. A luxurious feed probably looks the way it is because it was staged and angled for hours. You’d hate to admit that their happiness and accomplishments are digging a hole into your soul. As much as you don’t want to you’d be able to say, “what about me?”

You see your flaws not as much as others do. It greets you in the morning and sleeps with you at night. You survive each day motivated by someone else’s success but haunted by the thought that maybe, everything that you lack could be the reason you couldnt make it. Along with your flaws and everything else that makes you feel less, ask yourself how you view someone else’s imperfection. You can’t truly see it, do you? Because people don’t take angled shots of their flaws to flaunt it in their feeds. The happy individuals you scrolled past through (and maybe envied) have nights when they went to bed feeling unproductive, disappointed and most of all, flawed.

Maybe, after all, we are just a facade of happy faces portraying perfect lives for seconds, for the sake of the camera  — suggesting that we have it better, provoked and challenged by the idea that other people have it best.