His Past Lover (Poem #10)

I have always hated his past I once said, "I am haunted by her ghost could you please let her go?"  I clenched my fist afraid that he might say no but instead he said, "I already did a long time ago" and I sighed with relief Little did I know that "ghost" was the… Continue reading His Past Lover (Poem #10)


I Had To Stop (Poem #9)

Remember when i was madly inlove thinking you're all i could afford to love? Remember when i hung to every word you said I allowed your lies to fill my head I danced according to your heartbeat I walked following your footsteps I stayed behind so i could clean up your mess I swore that… Continue reading I Had To Stop (Poem #9)


Make Sure It’s Really Love (Poem #8)

You have always been consumed by the thought of having someone to hold someone to label your own and to give yourself to but darling, I've noticed how you never bothered to listen how you've always been too caught up on your own problems to realize that i am capable too of being broken You… Continue reading Make Sure It’s Really Love (Poem #8)


I Just Hope This Happens (Poem #7)

I hope  that the next time you'll talk about love your eyes will be shining  not from tears, but from happiness I hope the next time his name's brought up your pulse will stay as it is you wont flinch you won't close your eyes you'd mention another name and your face will light up… Continue reading I Just Hope This Happens (Poem #7)


After Her (Poem #6)

You're probably smiling for being free drinks in the club taking women to get it through the night Scrolled your way  pass through Tinder profiles and ended up on someone else's bed but among all those girls you tasted why is her name still in your head? On the first few nights you drunk to… Continue reading After Her (Poem #6)

short story

A Father’s Tale

Mr. Willys lived alone in a house he thought would stay noisy forever. It was a house he invested on the first year of his married life. He was the usual happy married man, and he thought he had a great life, and even more blessed when two angels arrived. He worked hard for the… Continue reading A Father’s Tale


I Thought I Wanted You (Poem #5)

I thought you gave me butterflies I thought you made my heart flutter Truth was, you were the monster that fed my anxiety You were the pub filled with drunkards I thought I want to get lost in Just to realize later on, that i want to be cozy at home. _______________ I post new poems every… Continue reading I Thought I Wanted You (Poem #5)