After Her (Poem #6)

_________________________ You're probably smiling for being free drinks in the club taking women to get it through the night Scrolled your way  pass through Tinder profiles and ended up on someone else's bed but among all those girls you tasted why is her name still in your head? On the first few nights you drunk… Continue reading After Her (Poem #6)

short story

A Father’s Tale

Mr. Willys lived alone in a house he thought would stay noisy forever. It was a house he invested on the first year of his married life. He was the usual happy married man, and he thought he had a great life, and even more blessed when two angels arrived. He worked hard for the… Continue reading A Father’s Tale


I Thought I Wanted You (Poem #5)

I thought you gave me butterflies I thought you made my heart flutter Truth was, you were the monster that fed my anxiety You were the pub filled with drunkards I thought I want to get lost in Just to realize later on, that i want to be cozy at home. _______________ I post new poems every… Continue reading I Thought I Wanted You (Poem #5)


Love, Along With Flames

We focused on the now and disregarded the what if. Maybe that's what young love is all about. Enjoying the ride while it lasts and not bothering to think of what may happen when everything passes.  We were so caught up with what we have now we forgot to think about what we could have… Continue reading Love, Along With Flames


You Should’ve Known (Poem #4)

Your night of pleasure is my lifetime heartbreak You should've known Another set of lies will eventually just make my heart shatter Another set of chances were hard for me to grant but i gave it anyway hoping this time, it will be different I trusted you on crucial times Made my love a patch… Continue reading You Should’ve Known (Poem #4)


Bags Are Packed

He probably thought that girls would stick around for the rest of his life. He probably thought that he's the only one capable of leaving, and when he leaves, she would just be waiting for him on the very same spot he left her.  On another usual argument couples have, he yelled at her once… Continue reading Bags Are Packed


Struggles and Insults

I finally had the assurance that i am officially a graduate, so I told him (a guy i'm dating)┬áthat i think i will be seeing less of him although i am still not sure which path to take. The excitement I felt months ago turned into fear and pressure at this very moment. I am… Continue reading Struggles and Insults